Health Promoter

The Centre's Health Promoter works to assist both clients of Niagara Falls CHC and persons from the broader community to improve their health by contributing to healthy public policy, strengthening community action and participation, as well as supporting individuals and groups in the development of skills related to community building. A health promotion perspective keeps in mind that there are broad determinants that affect the health of individuals, family and community. These determinants include:

  • Income
  • Employment
  • Child Development
  • Education/Literacy
  • Healthy Environments
  • Housing

Health Promoters develop partnerships with other community agencies to improve the health of the wider community. They also provide programs/groups that help individuals improve their lives by impacting their health for the better. You can find information about upcoming health promotion programs on this website under the Programs listing on the main menu or by calling the Health Promoter at (905) 356-4222 ext. 225.

Community Outreach Workers

Sometimes people need assistance getting connected with programs and services at Niagara Falls CHC or supports and resources that are available in the broader community. An Outreach Worker can assist people to obtain information, make applications for housing or other kinds of assistance relative to income, housing, education and governmental documents. They can also direct clients to additional support services that may help in achieving their health goals. Individual appointments can be set up by calling (905) 356-4222. Open to everyone!